About Us

Merit Events provides full planning services for corporate and social events. We strongly believe that planning is everything and not planning is as good as preparing to fail. At Merit Events, our top priority is to ensure that each event turns out great because we understand how precious those important days are. We know that our clients want to cherish those moments forever, therefore, we always plan events the way we would plan them for ourselves, that is, with total dedication. We make sure our clients and their guests enjoy their events and we strive to make sure that the guests experience some jaw-dropping moments.

Vikki Oduba who founded Merit Events, learned about planning and its importance at an early age. She learned that it is important to always be very organized and to always plan for known and unforeseen circumstances. Growing up, Vikki loved to perfect everything and she always paid close attention to details. As a teenager, she used to take charge of social events from set up to clean up. Vikki’s family and friends used to call her the life of the party which she embraced as a compliment. She was always at the forefront of organizing social events including weddings, birthdays and other special moments in her home, neighborhood and while in college.

As a public relations professional for almost a decade, Vikki has planned both corporate and social events that were very successful throughout the years. Events planning and designing are what she loves to do. She enjoys helping others achieve their dreams for their big days in a classy but affordable way.

Being a certified event planner and designer trained to offer a perfectly fancy and luxurious service, Vikki thoroughly understands what an exclusive event should look like. She listens and works with the clients’ ideas and she gives clients professional ideas as well. She also works with clients who need help narrowing down their plans while providing meaningful inputs to ensure a successful event.

Being a part of such big moments of people’s lives is such an honor, and for that we at Merit Events passionately deliver excellent service.


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